As a new user, we will guide you through the setup process.

1) Who is the journal for?

  • Myself - You want to use Jade for individual journaling. You may still add journal for your child later.
  • My Child - You want to setup a journal for your child.
  • I am invited to co-write - You have received an invitation to co-write a journal.
Note: Every user will have an individual journal by default. This is a private journal that is for the user only.

2) Setting up journal for Child

Enter the information needed for the child's journal, and you may begin writing!

To invite your spouse/partner to co-write the child's journal, go to Manage > Invite a co-writer.

3) I am invited to co-write

The app will automatically autofill the invite code, if you had opened the link from the email, thus triggering the app to open.

If not, you can manually enter the invite code from the email.

If you are not sure what is the invite code, you can ask the co-writer to go to Manage > Pending Invite to find out.